Take a minute to meet Ben from the P3 Audit team.

By P3 Audit Marketing Team - September 30, 2020

At P3, we always abide by our core values, one of which is ensuring that our clients have trust in us to provide them with the services which they require. This is why we want to introduce you to our team who are behind the scenes helping to look after you and your business. Today we caught up with Ben Holding, our Sales and Service Manager, to discuss all things P3 and to find out a little more about why he chose to work on ‘building business resilience.’ 

Before starting at P3 Audit, Ben worked within the fast-paced world of advertising and Data Analytics to help advertisers reach and understand specific audiences. Ben explained to us how Covid-19 was devastating for the industry, with many employers suddenly cutting back and needing to adapt products, services and business-critical functions in the wake of a global economic downturn.  

”During my search for a new career path, I came across P3 Audit. I was keen to understand how they aimed to help companies survive and thrive after devastating economic events by applying business continuity and risk management principles. It’s been challenging, but I feel lucky to have been introduced to an industry and a role that looks to help companies reduce their exposure to risk, especially from third party service providers that render business critical functions such as payroll or other data sensitive services. Continuous monitoring of third-party compliance and business continuity readiness helps clients mitigate risk of disruption from their service providers.

  We asked Ben how he thinks the ‘new normal’ will look for companies going forward in such an unstable time. “It’s hard to predict given the constantly shifting market conditions and global restrictions. We are now realising that employees can be productive working from home, meaning a huge shift away from centralised offices as well as the economies and infrastructure which were built to support it. This does however introduce a need for greater investment in employee well-being and data security.

 We are a team that stretches beyond our core, so aside from the world of business continuity and risk management, what are our team passionate about? Ben is a squash fanatic, having played all throughout his university years and becoming part of teams across London, Surrey, and Sussex. 

 “It’s great physical and mental fitness. Lockdown has meant more adjustment. It’s amazing how trying to maintain work-life balance during these restricted times demonstrates how much we need both.  My family is originally from New Zealand, so I have an affinity for rugby.  Our local team is the Highlanders, who my Dad and I still get up at 6.30 am on a Saturday morning to watch.” 


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