Take a minute to meet Bruce from the P3 Audit team.

By P3 Audit Marketing Team - October 22, 2020

We always aim to work by our core values here at P3 Audit, one of which is that we strive for excellence. Whether that be by providing impeccable service to our clients or by using our knowledge efficiently to protect your business processes, we make it our priority to ensure that you always get the optimal results you deserve. This week, we sat down with Bruce Macgregor, an advisory board member at P3 Audit to find out more about the part he plays within the company. 

Bruce has been a practicing attorney for 25 years, having worked for many years in a large commercial firm, he started his own law firm in South Africa in 2008 and has now recently settled in England. Bruce brings his experience in employment and commercial law to benefit P3’s Third-Party Vendors and their upstream clients. With such a vast amount of legal experience and professional knowledge, having Bruce aboard the P3 team benefits clients needing legal guidance relating to employee obligations and vendor commercial relationships;

“Service disputes are often prevented from having regular contract compliance and related service performance audits. An impact risk assessment offers to teach an advisory service on how to identify gaps, resolve current disputes, and make all parties aware of how to prevent potential areas of future disputes.”

Bruce always takes the direct approach to solve disputes, whether they are an internal employee, an independent contractor, or an external third-party vendor. The ambiguity that can come from cultural politeness is avoided, and significant costs from the prolonged legal process are saved;

Ultimately law is meant to be used by all and not just lawyers. Complex contracts and legal-speak should be replaced by agreements that are easy to read and understand. The whole process should feel as simple as booking a taxi on a ride-sharing app."

We asked Bruce what he felt were important factors in how P3 Audit can provide for its clients; 

P3 cuts through all the jargon and unnecessary complexity by simply checking whether the service provider is doing what they are supposed to be doing. The great thing about the team at P3 is that they have such vast knowledge and experience, which ensures that service providers are always going to be held accountable. Data and Process Auditing is so important, and now with technology evolving at such a rapid pace it is has become more necessary than ever before.” 

Outside of the passion, he has for his profession, what else matters to Bruce;

“I love travelling and exploring parts of the UK with my wife and children, and I have a real passion for nature and animals. We own horses and dogs and I feel very strongly that a great way of looking after these animals is by mimicking nature and allowing them to still retain their innate wildness and spirit. Also, like most, I am very interested in understanding the huge changes that are gripping the world. Parents are much less dominating and therefore children are becoming more outspoken, with larger spirits and personalities. This is a new approach to life and it is very important for us all to recognise, but at the same time to keep a modicum of discipline and respect in place. It also ties back in with what P3 is achieving. We are trying to simplify procedures; Do we need this contract? If we don’t, then why are we using it? The new normal already seems redundant. It’s time to rewrite the world of business rules in order to be prepared for an ever-changing  normal.”

Bruce feels energised and excited about what the future holds. “Let’s not lie down and wait for the flood to hit us and hope we’ll survive (referring to the economic woes looming), but let’s learn to ride the wave so we can use the flood to power us into the future”.


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