Take a minute to meet Gary from the P3 Audit team.

By P3 Audit Marketing Team - October 06, 2020

As Thought Leaders, our aim is to share knowledge with our clients, partners, and the industry to seek continuous improvement. At P3, we ensure that we have experts in specific fields whose aim it is to continually find you solutions. This is so you know that in our hands, your business can always run efficiently and safely. This week we met with Gary Gray who is an advisory board member of P3 Audit, specialising in vendor management.

With forty years of experience in IT sourcing and vendor management practices, Gary has spent his career working globally for a host of multinational companies including Diageo, Barcadi Martini, HSBC, MTV Europe and has even spent time in charge of the major technical souring and vendor management for soft drink giant, Coca Cola. Now residing just outside of Bondi in sunny Sydney, Australia, we asked Gary about what it has been like to live and work in such vastly different locations throughout his career.

“I have always really enjoyed travelling and one thing that has always fascinated me most is how different cultures affect the way in which people interact and work. Being able to have experiences of working in places such as Geneva, Sydney, and Miami have meant I have been lucky enough to see so many variations of this. Each location has been so different and rewarding as it enabled me to experience different lifestyles.”

Now working freelance, Gary was brought into the P3 Audit fold two and a half years ago when the company first began, bringing with him an indispensable knowledge and experience in the field of third-party service providers and general vendor management. When discussing what would be one of Gary’s greatest passions within his line of work, the answer was simple - “Getting the right results across the board for my clients and also for their suppliers in order for them to achieve the best possible relationship.”

And what about activities outside of the office? Having the advantage of Sydney as a hometown naturally comes with some fantastic benefits, one of which is being able to explore the vast coastlines on offer. Gary spends a lot of his free time kayaking or sailing along the coasts of Australia and when he’s not above sea level you can find him under the surface scuba diving, having just signed up to do a Global Underwater Explorer Technical Diving Course, stemming from a passion for sea life conservation.

Gary forms a valuable part of the P3 Audit team and is a vital part of our process of building business resilience.


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