Take a minute to meet Lisa from the P3 Audit team.

By P3 Audit Marketing Team - November 06, 2020

The team here within the P3 Audit family is always keen to share their experiences, skills, and knowledge with you, our customers, and clients. Which is why we like to ensure that our Meet The Team’ blogs are a regular read. Being able to trust the people who help to look after your business is key. Today, we met with Lisa Gibson, our Junior Digital Marketing Associate who explained to us how she found herself working in such a creative role.

I have always been a creative person; throughout my school years, I spent all my time in the art block. When the time came for me to decide upon a university course, Marketing was a career that could combine both creativity but also felt incredibly fast-paced and strategic, which means for someone like me who enjoys keeping busy, it was the perfect path to go down.

And whilst Lisa’s professional passions do lie within the world of creative content making, outside of this she is devoted to playing her part to help with large-scale causes such as sustainable living and the welfare of our global environment. Lisa discussed this further with us;

I have found great joy in exploring ways to reduce my plastic consumption as well as discovering ways to help the planet in general within my day to day life. I’m currently reading a book which is all about Sustainable Fashion - I’m quite the bookworm.

Delving into Lisa’s background and home life, we wanted to find out more about things which other people may not know about her;

”My first language is Welsh having been born and bred in Anglesey, North Wales. We’re an incredibly patriotic nation, it’s part of our culture! My mum often still sends me a Welsh food hamper which gets delivered all the way down here to West Sussex where I’m currently living.”

Lastly, we wanted to ask Lisa what advice she would you give to other Marketing graduates when applying for roles in this current climate;

You have to be patient and keep persevering; the current job market is tough, even for people with years of experience in their field, so it’s important to stay positive and believe that things do happen for a reason. In terms of your CV, make it as clear as possible, eye-catching, and no more than a page (or two).


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