Take a minute to meet Kelli from the P3 Audit team.

By P3 Audit Marketing Team - September 17, 2020

Here at P3, we spend time investing in our team who spend their free time investing in community projects. For the past year our Digital Marketing Associate Kelli has taken time out of her week to volunteer with the acclaimed animal welfare organisation, The Wildlife Aid.  

Dedicated to the rescue, care, and rehabilitation of sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals, The Wildlife Aid takes on more than 20,000 emergencies every year, making it one of the largest, most well-known wild animal rescue charities in the country.  

So why this particular volunteer work? When we caught up with Kelli, she discussed that the decision to choose The Wildlife Aid stemmed from a lifelong passion for animal welfare.  

“Volunteer work of any kind is so important and so relevant, now more than ever. In a world where things are constantly changing at such a fast pace, it's easy to get caught up in our own lives and forget to spare time to causes that deserve our help. It could be anything that you feel passionate about and for me, that has always been animal care. There are thousands of veterinary practices available within the UK, but very few of them have the knowledge or capability to take in sick or injured wildlife. That’s what made me realise that charities like The Wildlife Aid, are very unique in how they operate.” 

The vast range of cases which the charity takes in can be anything from a litter of orphaned fox cubs discovered by a member of the public to endangered birds of prey with fractured wings who have been found unable to fly. Without the volunteers who devote their time assisting in all areas of the rehabilitation and eventual release of these animals, the charity would be unable to operate.  


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